Friday, September 2, 2016

I love him, but not his kids - My wiki

Alex Thomas is rather different to many other stepmothers for one
simple reason: she is prepared to confess to the extent of her feelings,
or rather, the lack of them, towards her stepchildren.

As she will tell you, the best-kept secret of step-parenting is
that just because you fall for your partner, it doesn't mean you'll take
to their children.

The truth is, you're more likely not to. One wonders why it is such a crime to admit to such a universal reality?

We're not supposed to unconditionally love our partner's parents,
after all, so why should their offspring be a different matter?

As step-families are the fastest-rising family form we have, why
is it so difficult to admit to the ambivalence so many of us experience


I love him, but not his kids - My wiki:  

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