Saturday, April 16, 2016

CoParenting Tips for StepMoms

As women, we are supposed to be nurturers.
We are supposed to love children and know exactly what to do in every given situation, right?
But as any woman who has experienced stepmotherhood knows, there is a lot more to it.
It's complicated. Coparenting with our partner / husband, along with this children's mother...and sometimes even with extended family members...well, the coparenting gig can get a little tricky.

CoParenting Tips for StepMomsBeing a stepmom can be an incredible experience.
It can also lead to incredible heartache.
From the blissful ignorance of the early days of love and having an "insta-family" to the frustration of dealing with parental alienation and the Disneyland Dad syndrome...this book provides tips and first hand experiences of other stepmoms to help you navigate the murky waters of being a stepmom (or perhaps more of a "friend") to your stepchildren.

CoParenting Tips for StepMoms was written from the unique perspective of a child of divorce (and seeing how her mother handled stepmotherhood, and how her father's new wife handled being a stepmom), and wife of a man with two adult daughters.

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