Saturday, April 16, 2016

CoParenting Tips for StepDads

Men are typically "fixers." Give them a problem and they'll fix it or do whatever they can to try and do so. But any man who has become a stepdad knows there are no easy fixes in stepfamily situations.
It's complicated. Coparenting with your partner / wife, along with exes...and sometimes even with extended family members...well, the coparenting gig can get a little tricky.
CoParenting Tips for StepDadsThis book provides tips and first hand experiences of other stepdads to help you navigate the murky waters of being a stepdad to your stepchildren. 

CoParenting Tips for StepDads was written from the unique perspective of a child of divorce, a woman who is married to a stepdad.
After writing CoParenting Tips for StepMoms, Tina realized that there was a need for a book for StepDads as well. 

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