Saturday, April 16, 2016

CoParenting Tips for StepMoms

As women, we are supposed to be nurturers.
We are supposed to love children and know exactly what to do in every given situation, right?
But as any woman who has experienced stepmotherhood knows, there is a lot more to it.
It's complicated. Coparenting with our partner / husband, along with this children's mother...and sometimes even with extended family members...well, the coparenting gig can get a little tricky.

CoParenting Tips for StepMomsBeing a stepmom can be an incredible experience.
It can also lead to incredible heartache.
From the blissful ignorance of the early days of love and having an "insta-family" to the frustration of dealing with parental alienation and the Disneyland Dad syndrome...this book provides tips and first hand experiences of other stepmoms to help you navigate the murky waters of being a stepmom (or perhaps more of a "friend") to your stepchildren.

CoParenting Tips for StepMoms was written from the unique perspective of a child of divorce (and seeing how her mother handled stepmotherhood, and how her father's new wife handled being a stepmom), and wife of a man with two adult daughters.

CoParenting Tips for StepDads

Men are typically "fixers." Give them a problem and they'll fix it or do whatever they can to try and do so. But any man who has become a stepdad knows there are no easy fixes in stepfamily situations.
It's complicated. Coparenting with your partner / wife, along with exes...and sometimes even with extended family members...well, the coparenting gig can get a little tricky.
CoParenting Tips for StepDadsThis book provides tips and first hand experiences of other stepdads to help you navigate the murky waters of being a stepdad to your stepchildren. 

CoParenting Tips for StepDads was written from the unique perspective of a child of divorce, a woman who is married to a stepdad.
After writing CoParenting Tips for StepMoms, Tina realized that there was a need for a book for StepDads as well. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married

"Most people spend far more time in preparation for their vocation than they do in preparation for marriage,” No wonder the divorce rate hovers around fifty percent.
Bestselling author and marriage counselor, Gary Chapman, hopes to change that with his newest book. Gary, with more than 35 years of counseling couples, believes that divorce is the lack of preparation for marriage and the failure to learn the skills of working together as intimate teammates.
Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got MarriedSo he put together this practical little book, packed with wisdom and tips that will help many develop the loving, supportive and mutually beneficial marriage men and women long for. It’s the type of information Gary himself wished he had before he got married.
This is not a book simply to be read. It is a book to be experienced. The material lends itself to heart-felt discussions by dating or engaged couples. To jump-start the exchanges, each short chapter includes insightful “Talking it Over” questions and suggestions. And, the book includes information on interactive websites as well as books that will enhance the couples experience.
Dr. Chapman even includes a thought-provoking appendix. By understanding and balancing the five key aspects of life, dating couples can experience a healthy dating relationship. A revealing learning exercise for dating couples is included at the end.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Saving Your Second Marriage Before It Starts : Tips and Steps

Using the same structure as Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott address the unique issues of "pre-remarital" families.
This book prepares couples for what lies ahead and enables them to tackle the challenges with faith, perseverance, and hope.
Saving Your Second Marriage Before It Starts: Nine Questions to Ask Before -- and After -- You RemarrySixty percent of second marriages fail.
Yours can be among the ones that succeed.
Relationship experts Les and Leslie Parrott show how you can beat the odds with flying colors and make remarriage the best thing that’s ever happened to you.
Do you have the skills you need?
Now is the time to acquire them--and build a future together that is everything marriage can and ought to be.


This book is a major new study into one of the fastest growing family formations in the Western World  - stepfamilies.
Drawing on recent developments within the sociology of family life, it provides an analysis of the extent of family connection and solidarity within different stepfamily networks.
Stepfamilies (Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Family and Intimate Life)In contrast to much research on stepfamilies, its focus is not only on issues of stepfamily organization within households when children are young.
Rather it examines how stepfamily relationships develop and change across different life phases, in the process considering relationships across as well as within particular households.
In this its approach is to focus on 'family as kinship' as much as 'family as household'.
The analysis in the book is developed through a series of case studies of people's stepfamily experiences which are used to explore how the construction of family connection develops within different stepfamily relationships.

Stepfamilies (Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Family and Intimate Life)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Blending Families : Tips and Steps

Even under the best of circumstances, marriage in a blended family is challenging.
From parenting to ex-spouses to past hurts, couples face many obstacles.
In Blending Families, eighteen successful stepfamilies will show you how theyve learned to overcome their everyday challenges.
Blending FamiliesWhether youve been married for years or just preparing for the journey,Blending Families is the essential resource to help you breakthrough and have a successful family that will thrive for years to come.
Jimmy Evans is Founder and CEO of MarriageToday, a ministry that is devoted to helping couples thrive in strong and fulfilling marriages and families.
Jimmy and his wife Karen co-host MarriageToday with Jimmy and Karen, a nationally syndicated television program which is broadcast daily into over 110 million homes in America and more than 200 countries worldwide

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Writers on the Stepfamily Experience

95 million adults have a step relationship, according to a 2011 report. That’s 95 million unexpected experiences; 95 million unique perspectives; 95 million laughs, 95 million tears, and 95 million new families.
Blended explores stepfamilies from the inside out through the perspectives of thirty writers who know what it’s like first hand.
Blended: Writers on the Stepfamily ExperienceSometimes funny, often poignant, and always deeply personal, the stories in Blended capture the essence of stepfamilies in all of their weird and wonderful varieties.
The journeys range from the first encounters between new step-relatives, to marriages, honeymoons, daily experiences, and divorces.
The diverse voices in Blended reflect the realities of today’s world, in which yesterday’s ideas of family structures and types just don’t cut it anymore.
Parents, children, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins: all of these relationships change when families are melded into one, and the writers of Blended help explore the truth of what these new relationships look like, and, especially, feel like.
Blended offers something for everyone: laughter, wisdom, empathy, and guidance, and, above all, the knowledge that you are not alone.

Writers on the Stepfamily Experience : Information:

Friday, April 1, 2016

Blending Families Successfully

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, less than half of the people who get married in the United States remain with their first spouse, and less than 50 percent of children grow up with both biological parents. In short, we live in a society of blended families.
Everyone who survives a divorce and enters a new family is vulnerable.

Blending Families Successfully: Helping Parents and Kids Navigate the Challenges So That Everyone Ends Up Happy

George Glass, MD, a board-certified psychiatrist, has designed a book to help parents understand the challenges of beginning new lives with blended families, and to help their children make the necessary adjustments.
He explains how to approach unavoidable dilemmas when they occur and offers invaluable lessons about the link between divorce and issues of self-esteem, depression, substance abuse, and relationship failures that often result from the breakup of a family.

Gathered from his years in practice and his own personal experience as a member of a blended family, Glass provides practical solutions to everyday problems.
Blending a family, Glass explains, is a process, which requires patience.
It can take a long time to develop trust, acceptance, and a willingness to overlook transgressions that in the beginning can cause tension.
Each chapter offers specific advice to help blended family members improve their communication skills and ease the transitions from separate households into a larger, combined community.
Taken together with a steady dose of “Dos and Don’ts,” this book provides an inspiring toolkit for families in need.

Blending Families Successfully - Stepfamily Australia: