Friday, January 2, 2015

You Knew He Had Kids When You Married Him

Rhiannon Delesio is a smart, successful, well-meaning wife-to-be who wants nothing more than a happy family.

So why does she feel like a bungling, hysterical, totally conflicted idiot the second she marries a man with two kids?

Filled with humor and brutal honesty, You Knew He Had Kids When You Married Him is a poignant, not-to-be-missed exploration of the stepmothering experience today: all the turbulent emotions, societal nitpicking, and marital tensions that can scarcely be imagined by those who haven’t been there. First in the Society of Stepmothers series, this deeply validating novel celebrates the power of stepmom friendships and the strength of all those who take on the task of helping to raise another’s children.

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