Saturday, December 27, 2014

What Stepmums Need To Know

What follows are some vital tips for stepmums. I wrote these during the years when I ran support groups for stepmothers and found that they really appreciated some black on white reminders they could put on their fridge doors. I hope they'll also serve you!

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What Stepmums Need To Know

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Step Parenting - The Age Group of Your Step Children Matters

Step Parenting: The Age Group of Your Step Children Matters

As a step parent, you have your role cut out for you. You know already that you may have to earn the love and trust of your step children before being accepted as part of the family. This no doubt could be a bit daunting because sometimes, you never know whether you are doing the right thing or not by them.

Source: Step Parenting: The Age Group of Your Step Children Matters

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Secret to Blended Families Marriage and Parenting Success

The Secret to Blended Families Marriage and Parenting Success

The Secret to Blended Families Marriage and Parenting Success
By Daren Carstens

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Product Description

Are you part of a blended family

Have you been struggling to make everyone in your home feel special and equal? From step-brothers and step-sisters to live-in grandparents and adopted children, blending a family is a complicated and long process. 

With the help of Daren Carstens and his wife Laura, you will walk through a step by step process and be led into a peaceful, productive family life, marriage, and personal life. 

Are you divorced? Have you adopted a child? Or has grandma moved in to the spare bedroom? 

All of these things are examples of the components that make a blended family so difficult to transition into a cohesive unit.

This book will help you manage your marriage, whether it is a new marriage after divorce or death, in which you are blending two previous families into one. 

You will get tips of the trade from an experienced family, along with the inspiration that it takes to help you create a foundation that will withstand any storm. 

By reading this book you gain the tools that you need to deal with strife, rebellion, and disagreements and those tools will help you to build a strong family that lives a fun, peaceful life. Packed full of quotes and stories, this book will also help you ease your stress over your new situation, bickering within your family, and the personal trauma that every person in the family unit goes through after a big change. 

You will learn to regain your love for each other and your passions in life and explore those passions as a family, set to tackle the world together. 

Throughout this book we will explore how to handle the tensions between new siblings by teaching brothers and sisters to become lifelong friends. 

When you look inside you will see that Daren explores different theories on how to stop jealousy between siblings, how to assure that everyone in the household feels special, and creative ways to celebrate each other on a daily basis. 

You will learn how to deal with marital disagreements and how the way that you deal with those disagreements will affect the rest of your family. 

You will gain insight into why our behavior is so important to the rest of the family and how to decide whether or not you need more help within your blended family. 

If a friend of yours is dealing with this situation, then this book is the perfect gift. If you are in a blended family or you have a family member who is in this situation, the advice and leadership that Daren Carstens, along with his wife Laura, will give you, will prove to be an invaluable gift. 

Share this book with your spouse and work together as the heads of your family to bring the members closer. 

You will learn to give each other the support that both of you need as husband and wife and through that, your children will learn to support each other. 

After you have used all of these wonderful tools, please be sure to review this book so that others can gain insight into how they may be inspired by it.