Sunday, October 5, 2014

In Step with Your Stepchildren

In Step with Your Stepchildren: Building a Strong One-on-One Relationship

People don’t line up to be stepparents. Yet millions take on this role every year. The husbands and wives don’t necessarily think about what’s ahead or what will be required of them-or perhaps they don’t want to think about it.

Stepparents are adjusting to life with their new spouse, but the stepchildren are making equally difficult adjustments. The kids wonder where they’ll fit into the picture in the new family.

They are often unsure about their place in the lives of their parents and in the new family arrangement. In Step with your Stepchildren explores unique ways that stepparents can build honest, deep, lasting relationships with their stepchildren.

It’s not about blended families but about the one-on-one relationship between a stepparent and a stepchild, teaching stepparents how to relate to each stepchild as an individual. Stepparents have unique challenges and opportunities to influence the lives of their stepchildren.

The goal is to equip stepparents with the emotional and spiritual tools they need to build a loving relationship regardless of the circumstances, to equip and empower them to be an influence for good in the life of that child-not simply to endure the months or years until he or she grows up and moves out.

Focuses on the individual relationship between the stepparent and the stepchild.

Teaches stepparents how to relate to each stepchild as an individual.Stepparents will learn how to be a means of grace, mercy, and love to their stepchildren.

Each chapter includes a section called ’Making Connections,’ a list of practical help, wisdom, and information to enhance stepparents’ relationship with their stepchildren.

In Step with Your Stepchildren -

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