Saturday, October 4, 2014

Blended Families Success

Whether you have children that are a product of a divorce, death or other life-changing experience, adding a new set of siblings and parents into the mix is something that is a traumatic event, no matter how pleasantly it goes. 

When an adult decides to move on and take that fateful step into marriage once again, the families that result from that marriage can be quite a combo. In this book, Daren Carstens, along with his wife, help you with advice, ideas and theories that will help you along this new road that you are traveling.

You will learn how to love your spouse more, properly discipline your biological and step-children, create a fun, loving household, and move on by grasping the joy that each day in a blended family provides.

With their help you will realize that things that may seem like a curse can be turned into amazing blessings. Life is precious and learning how to live a peaceful one, inside of a house of different personalities is something to be treasured. 

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