Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Parenting Stepchildren - I do not like the word stepmother

I am living with my partner and we recently received total custody of his 13 year old daughter. She has been with us for 11 months. She refuses to speak to her Mother and/or family. "They have done quite a bit of damage".

(Yes, she is seeing someone) Even though her Mother has not been the best, she is still her Mother. I am looking for a name to call myself and for the child to call me. I do not think it is respectful to the Mother if I am called Step Mom. At times (school papers, etc.)

I am suppose to tell what relation I am to her. I am not married to her Father. What am I? Even if I was married to her Father, I do not want to usurp her Mother. Motherhood is to be respected in my book. Yes, I act as her Mother in every way, yet I am not.

The word Step Mother takes away from Mother.

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