Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Step Parent Rights – A Stepfather's Role

Step parents' rights are not always clear, especially concerning a step dad's role. Does a stepfather have the same rights and responsibilities as a biological father?

While it is great that divorcees are remarrying and giving their children a two-parent home again, the rights of step parents are often unclear. What are a stepfather's rights and responsibilities? The answer is that, even if the new step dad pays all the bills and raises the child, a biological father usually has more parental rights.

Read more at Suite101: Step Parent Rights – A Stepfather's Role: Step Dad's Rights Different from Biological Father's Rights | Suite101.com http://christina-gregoire.suite101.com/step-parent-rights---a-stepfathers-role-a180305#ixzz1aWB6n42c

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