Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ex-Wives and Ex-Lives: Survival Guide for the Next Wife

Product Description

A candid (albeit at times tongue-in-cheek) expose of the challenges of remarriage, told from the second wife's perspective. Unlike books written by those who have never experienced being a second wife, the author of Ex-Wives and Ex-Lives is an ex-wife, a second wife, a bio-mom, and a stepmother.

Reading this book is like sitting down with an old friend - a remarried friend who knows first-hand what you are going through. You will come away with the assurance that you are not alone in your struggles as a second wife. Even more, you will know that it is not you that is crazy, but rather the crazy-making situation called remarriage.

About the Author

Paula Egner has authored many on-line articles about remarriage, stepparenting, and life as a second wife. She is currently working on her second book on remarriage. She is also the author of - If There Be None - a women's mainstream novel (available on

Source: Ex-Wives and Ex-Lives: Survival Guide for the Next Wife (9780975296400): Paula J Egner: Books

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